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Bookwalter Retractor Set

Bookwalter Retractor Set,

Art # HBI-90113


Surgical Retractor Set Bookwalter Retractor System. The Bookwalter Retractor Set is the most popular retractor system for the safe performance of Surgery, especially in an emergency, Cumbersome, and complex situations. When surgeons need to convert from a laparoscopic case to open abdominal surgery, they use Abdominal Bookwalter Retractor Set for holding open abdominal incisions, wounds or to hold back underlying organs and tissues to enhance stable retraction and access of visualization of patient anatomy throughout long procedures. Bookwalter Retractor is also known as Table-Fixed retractor which is widely used in Renal Transplant, Radical Cystectomy, cholecystectomy, prostate Removal, gallbladder, appendectomy and General Surgery.

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